double stage extrusion pelletizing machine

double stage extrusion pelletizing machine

Short Description:

1. Conveyor:convey PP PE film or flakes into compactor/feeder. 2. PE film compactor:crushing and compress film,andfeedcompressed film into extruder forcedly,to make theproduction capacity high and stable.

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Feature and Functionof Pellet manufacturing machine:

Thispelletizing line,recycling PP PE film ,bags, flakes, make them into pellets.

Process flow of Pellet manufacturing machine :

Conveyor→ raw material compactor(feeder)→ Extruding system→ Die-head and High speed Net exchanging system→ water ring pelletizing system/noodle type pelletizing system→ dewatering machine→ vibrating sieve→ Air Blower → Storage hopper

Wire and cable insulation and sheathing plastic commonly known as cable material, including rubber, plastic, nylon and other varieties.Cable coating is based on Extrusion.The main cable material on the market now:PVC cable granulator,CPE cable granulator,Low smoke non halogen cable material granulation machine,etc.

Features of two stage:

The first stage is SHJ twin screw extruder without die. Through the combination of barrel and screw, the extruder can exert its strong ability the therm sensibility material like PVC melting ,compounding, dispersing and decentralizing under the condition od o back pressure.

The second stage is SJ single screw extruder. Because of the lower rotating speed, it can mlting,compounding lengthways and forming strands steadily, avoiding over heating.

High effciency pvc plastic pellet making two stage granulation production line for cable and wire

1.metering feeder 2.vetical forcing feeder 3.twin screw extruder 4.single screw extruder 5.air-cooling pelletizer 6.cyclone 7.boiling bed

Our Qualification
Our company is a professional manufacturer of granulating extruders for coloring/dyeing, filling masterbatch production, as well as plastic modification and compounding , plastic recycling. Company is in strict accordance with CE and ISO9001 quality certification system for production management. Surely you will also get professional machines and characteristic services here.

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