agglomerator pelletizing machine

agglomerator pelletizing machine

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Conveyor:convey PP PE film or flakes into compactor/feeder. PE film compactor:crushing and compress film,andfeedcompressed film into extruder forcedly,to make theproduction capacity high and stable. Extruding system:plasticizing material and exhausting gas.

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Agglomerator Pelletizing Machine


2.Type:water-ring pelletizing and stand type

pp pe film pelletizing line/ Plastic film granulator


This water-cooling single screw plastic pellet making machine is one stage plastic regenerative pelletizer, which is suitable for many kinds plastic waste materials recycling and making pellet, such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Film EVA and PE foam and clean woven/nonwoven bag materials, etc. The film can be pressed in compressor and then be pelleted,do not need crusher machine.

And also has very developed design, makes sure this machine has a long working life and economical efficiency in using.a


1. Screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoAlA or Bi-metallic, inlet mouth treated with special alloy: very strong and long life.

2. Easy operation: it has automatic constant temperature control and stable performance,After adjusting well, 1 or 2 workers are enough to run this machine, to feed the materials and change pellet receiver.

3. Low cost in using after redesign: now this kind machine is more economic in electric power source and also water. In the long working life of this machine, it can save many sources in energy!

4. High output, long operating life and lower noise: it’s the ideal waste plastics regenerative pelletizer machine for nowadays.

For all this machine we have much experience in it over 10 years,my friend,just send me email,i will give you value suggestion and make the offer exactly based on your requirements.

Agglomerator machine with watering cutter:recycling PE PP film and woven bags.

why choose us

Agglomerator Pelletizing machine Large PP film kneading machine plastic granulator

1.Low cost

All the machine ,we make by ourselves to reduce the cost for our customers.

2.Genuine product with excellent quality

We choose our material very strict.

All the material come to our factory must pass the quality test

Substandard goods are returned to the supplier.

3. Engerneers available to serve oversea

4.Quick delivery

Our company provide just in time delivery with its streamlined supply chain.

5.Cost saving

We take strong attention to every detail in the manufacturing process.

The quality control in our factory is very strict.

All defective semi-manufactures must be treated again or rejected.

All the machine must be checked before delivering to our customer.

What we want to do is to give our customer a good quality product with stable and long time working life.

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