About Us

About Us

Zhangjiagang Riching Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Riching Mahcinery is in producing and selling mechanical ,is especially expert in plastic machinery. Our investors have been working in the field of plastic industry many years.We are devote to selling our investors' plastic eqiupment,and spare parts and raw material.

Our business include plastic washing and recycling equipment, extruder,shredder machine,squeezing machine,spare parts for plastic machine etc equipment.

-- Our advantage --


We accumulate the most experienced engineer in the field of plastic industy,We have well-eductated salesman and service person after sale,Who undertand technology very well,with good communication skill and strong expression ability in written&spoken English.


We (all investors) do supply chain integration for upstream spare parts,also share on sale platform and human resources and engineer,which decrease production cost,management cost and selling price greatly.

Our aim

Our aim is to build one-stop sourcing platform,service platform and technology supporting platform for clients in the field of plastic industry machine field. Help cliets to decrease purchashing cost,control quality.Help cliets to direct to buy from factory in China.Build one bridge between clients and our investors(middle-small scale factory)


We have a restrict evalution procedure on quality level.For every detailed equipment before delivery, We also have our engineer to verify.
We locate us not only as a producer and seller, pay attention on but also service-help clients to get qulaity equipment with cheap price ,let clients without any worries after buying.

Sales service

1.Recommending engineering conditions required for installation

 of the machine & equipment

2.Communicating in time the manufacturing progress of the 

machine with user

3.Providing assistance in technical conditions, screw combination 

and barrel disposition needed for product


1.Providing on the spot technical assistance in installation, commissioning and training

2.Filing in detail customer's information

3.Providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts

4.Giving technical support to customer for developing new product

5.Providing free maintenance for a year