800 double-shaft shredder

800 double-shaft shredder

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Double-shaft shredder machines is used for shredding the soft plastic,woven bags,cloths, city garbage, electronic board and so on. The quality that you can be assured. As the shredder machine, we have been got the Patent form china government at 2013.

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Double-shaft shredder machines is used for shredding the soft plastic,woven bags,cloths, city garbage, electronic board and so on.

The quality that you can be assured. As the shredder machine, we have been got the Patent form china government at 2013.

It is the ideal plastic shredder which can shredding many many things such like bottles,big pipes,big baled films,cloths ,papers or other plastics.
The blade hardness at 63-65°

We can supply Single Shaft shredder and Double Shaft shredder. We also can design the machinery according to clients requirements.

*All types of tires--- Car tires, van tires, truck tires, mining tires, OTR tires etc;

*Metal--- Car body, Baled aluminium,Scrap steel, Paint bucket;

*Cables--- Copper cable, Aluminium cable,etc;

*E-waste---Home applicance( Refrigerator,Printer, Washer,Air Conditioner),PCB board;

*Wood/Timber--- Pallets, Waste wood borad,stalk or biological straws;

*Solid Waste--- Mixed Household & Commercial Waste - RDF/SRF Production

*Paper & Cardboard --- Confidential Documents, Production Waste, Packaging Materials etc.

*Plastics --- Various rigid and flexible plastics including Mouldings, Purgings/Lump, Profiles, Films etc.

Double shaft shredder Main teachnical Parameter:

Modle BSJ-700 BSJ-800 BSJ-1000 BSJ-1500
NO.of Rotary blades 66 78 96 138
Size of rotary blades(mm) 46*46*30 46*46*30 46*46*30 46*46*30
Shaft speed(r/min) 90r/min 90r/min 90r/min 90r/min
NO.of stationary blades 2 2 2 2
Length of stationary blade(mm) 790 850 960 1460
Shaft-diameter(mm) 300 300 300 300
Hopper opening(mm) 700*860 800*960 1000*1150 1500*1780
Motor power (kw) 22 *2 30 *2 37*2 45*2
Shredder Capacity (kg/h) 800-1000 1000-1200 1500 2500
Machine size(m) 4.9*2.8*2.5 5.2*3.0*2.7 5.5*3.1*2.7 6*3.3*3.0
Machine weight(kg) 4200 4800 5600 6200
Application Plastic film,woven bags, plastic bags, paper,appliance circuit board and so on

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