700 single-shaft shredder

700 single-shaft shredder

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Single-shaft shredder machines is used for shreddering the hard plastic,pipe,wood, electronic board and so on. The quality that you can be assured. As the shredder machine, we have been got the Patent form china government at 2013.

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The Single Shaft Shredder absorbs domestic and foreign advanced technology; it has the rational design and repeated tests and keeps improving.The machine has some features such as low energy consumption, good quality.
The single shaft shredder is composed of a motor, a hard toothed surface reducer, a rotating knife shaft, an imported moving knife, a fixed knife, a frame, a machine base, a box, a hydraulic cylinder, an oil pump, a cylinder, a working platform and other major structures.
A fixed knife is installed on the frame, and a detachable embedded movable knife is installed on the rotary knife shaft. The number of the movable knife depends on different models and the size of the rotary knife shaft. Change the angle until the sides are blunt and then sharpen the knife. Because it is a claw type moving knife and rotary cutting, and the fixed knife and moving knife are imported special alloy steel made,, so the service life is long. Strong cutting ability, high production capacity, normal use up to 1000-1200 tons or more need to sharpen.
When the shredder is working, the materials are advanced by hydraulic cylinders and equipped with clamping devices. Adopt Siemens programming control system, which can be controlled automatically. It has start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions. It has the characteristics of low speed, large torque and low noise.
The single shaft shredder is used to recycle plastic, paper, wood, fiber, cable, rubber, home appliance, light steel, municipal solid waste, etc. It is ideally suited for reduction of a wide range of different materials:Refuse-derived fuel: straw, municipal solid waste;Textile: cloth fibre, nylon;Paper: industrial waste paper, packing paper, cardboard paper;Cable wires: copper core cable, aluminium cable, composite cables;Polypropylene pipe, industrial packaging & plastic films, PP woven bags;Plastic: plastic block, plastic sheets, PET bottle, plastics pipe, plastic container, plastic drums.

Single shaft shredder Main teachnical Parameter:

Modle FX-500 FX-650 FX-700 FX-800 FX-1000 FX-1200
NO.ofRotaryblades 27 30 33 39 48 57
Sizeofrotaryblades(mm)  46*46*30 46*46*30 46*46*30 46*46*30 46*46*30 46*46*30
Shaftspeed(r/min) 90r/min 90r/min 90r/min 90r/min 90r/min 90r/min
NO.of stationary blades 1 1 1 1 1 2
Lengthoffixblade(mm) 525 675 725 855 1050 1250
Shaftdiameter(mm) 300 300 300 300 300 300
Hopperopening(mm) 500*600 650*740 720*740 850*900 1050*1100 1250*1350
Motorpower(kw) 22.5 32.5 35.5 42.5 50.5 62.5
Hydraulicdetails(kg/cm²) 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100
Stroke(mm) 750 900 900 1100 1300 1700
Hydraulicpower(kw) 3 4 4 4 4 5.5
ShredderCapacity(kg/h) 300-350 400-450 450-600 500-750 850-900 1000-1100 
Machinesize(m) 3*1.6*2 3.3*2*2.2 3.5*2*2.5 4*2.4*2.5 4.8*2.6*2.7 5.2*3*2.7
Machineweight(kg) 2500 3500 3800 4800 5500 6500
Application hardplastic,plasticpipe,wood,paper,appliancecircuitboardandsoon

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